Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chinese Laundry

So my dryer is, as the technician said, total gebrochen (oder Kaput!). Now, those who know the story, know that I've had dryer issues since nearly day one in this house. The fact that the current said kaput dryer is the third one since we've lived here proves that.
They've replaced the dryer (yes, twice so far), cleaned the air ducts (although I am convinced that there is where the problem lies, so I don't trust the thoroughness of their job), and still I am left with another gebrochen machine.
Those close to me have heard my sob stories far too many times. How I've only been able to do 2 loads a day because each load took 6 hours to dry. How the laundry never actually got caught could it at that rate?
Anyhow, since it doesn't dry any longer at all, I've given up. I'll get another machine one day next week (or the week after, it depends on their overly busy schedule!) but in the meantime, I'm left with mountains of clothing, linens and all manner of material that needs cleaning. What's a girl to do? Wash....and find somewhere to hang all of the wet laundry. I've done (not kidding here) 20 loads over the last two days. Can't hang anything outside (where would I do that?!) so it is all over the laundry room, door jams and staircase! Hubby announced this afternoon that he was glad that my inventive Chinese laundry theme was working so well. Out of necessity.....
One thing I have found, everything dries incredibly FAST! True, I have a bit of a warped perspective since I typically wait 6 hours, but it is fast. I strung a line on the third floor staircase and hooked up Log's fan to blow. I am nearly done...woohoo! I have even become incredibly in tune to the washer as I am diligently adding fabric softener to the rinse cycle. Something I have never done in nearly 19 years of marriage. (Can we say fabric sheets!)
One day soon I'll have my fourth dryer to burn-up. One day further down the road, I'll have my own dryer back. The one that takes huge loads of laundry and dries them lickety-split. I'll dream of that day. Until then, I'll duck going through the doorways to avoid the gauntlet of wet clothing.

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Mom on the Move! said...

Oh yes. The super-duper huge bells and whistles washer and dryer is at the top of my to purchase list for when we move.