Monday, January 12, 2009

Calling All Prayer Warriors

A dear friend has just had her baby. We rejoice that Rach has a beautiful baby girl. There is need for much prayer on her behalf though. You see, Flippy (in utero nickname) came a little early. 16 weeks early to be exact. While Flippy is holding her own so far, this week is crucial for her. Please be praying for this family as they face this unexpected turn of events. Pray for comfort, peace and rest so that the parents will be able to maintain their health...both physical and mental. Pray that this sweet baby develops normally and strong from this point forward.
We rejoice in this tiny 1.5lb baby. We all just want the opportunity to kiss her and love on her!


Mama On The Move said...

Just sent up a prayer for her!

Susi said...

wow. And I just checked her blog. I'll keep her in my prayers and hope that flippy is all right and thriving.