Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Weather

It's snowing. Again. Normally, I'd be thrilled because I love the snow. I love how a blanket of snow (not a dusting mind you, but a blanket!) makes the world look clean and fresh. I enjoy seeing the evidence of all the random animals that live around us, but are rarely seen, by their tracks that are left behind when they walk across the fields. And, honestly, I do not mind driving in it.
That being said, I'm a little put off by the snow today. I'm just tired of it. Yesterday the sun was out (finally) and the snow was melting! There were streams of water flowing from the mountains (I am not exaggerating) of snow left by the snowplows. Hope was in the air that we might be done with the cold, snow and ice. Guess not. After 2 months of consistent 30-ish degrees or below, snow in random phases of freshness, and running paths covered in ice, I'm a little bored with the snow now. I'm ready for the crocus, the green grass and the budding trees.
The boys aren't!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Adventure Family

Really, we are not the adventure family, but we went on a great adventure this weekend. (I miss the TRUE Adventure Fam greatly already! We had to say our good-byes on Friday and there were lots of tears shed. I didn't stop crying until we were well on our way on the autobahn. John was going a little crazy;) I miss my Battle Buddy and snuggles from little M!)
Here are some pictures from our weekend. Bryan was unbelievable with all the great things he got to do. I was able to get one rapel run in...but only after storming the tower! The weekend was at a castle a couple hours from home.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Something exciting is going on in the Smith house! After many (and I won't say HOW many!) years, this mom is going back to school! I just filled out my admissions paperwork. Well, not paperwork really. Computer fill-in the blank screens. It's amazing the amount of information required to apply to take classes. You know the drill, last name of the second cousin of the carpenter who put in the cabinets of the house down the road from where you grew up. Most I can understand, maiden name, name of the high school I graduated from, other institutions of higher learning that I have attended, and (important) my address. But, seriously, do they really verify who put the cabinets in?!
All that being said, I am thrilled (and a bit terrified) to finally be working towards something again. Thrilled to find a school that will allow me to stay on track with my lifelong dream and the ability to do it via distance/online learning. I'm pouring over course catalogs and schedules trying to decide just how get it all in, which classes should I take first, last. Sort of like having a food that I'm not so keen about. "Do I eat it first and get it over with or take in all the good stuff and keep the other until last?" Lots of choices and decisions to be made. No matter. All I can say is