Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Weather

It's snowing. Again. Normally, I'd be thrilled because I love the snow. I love how a blanket of snow (not a dusting mind you, but a blanket!) makes the world look clean and fresh. I enjoy seeing the evidence of all the random animals that live around us, but are rarely seen, by their tracks that are left behind when they walk across the fields. And, honestly, I do not mind driving in it.
That being said, I'm a little put off by the snow today. I'm just tired of it. Yesterday the sun was out (finally) and the snow was melting! There were streams of water flowing from the mountains (I am not exaggerating) of snow left by the snowplows. Hope was in the air that we might be done with the cold, snow and ice. Guess not. After 2 months of consistent 30-ish degrees or below, snow in random phases of freshness, and running paths covered in ice, I'm a little bored with the snow now. I'm ready for the crocus, the green grass and the budding trees.
The boys aren't!


The Gutsy Mom said...

I am right there with you, sister. The birds are singing. It's time for crocuses and fower boxes and green grass. But at elast we've progressed from snow to mud... a step in the right direction.

The Gutsy Mom said...

By fower I mean, of course, flower. And elast = least. What's up with my fingers today?