Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's the news?

So I haven't been doing very well at keeping updated on information.  Go figure!  It is my after all.  Pardon the brevity, but it wouldn't get done otherwise! :)

  • Logan ran his car in the pinewood derby on Saturday March 7.  He did very well, placing 3rd overall in the Bear bracket (his den).  He was so excited to win his races that, once he started losing, he didn't care too much about getting knocked out.  He will race his car again this Saturday at the District Derby.

IMGP1531 Receiving his medal.


  • Logan also participated in Alaska Days in January.  Since he went sans parents, I have only just gotten the pictures from that.  Here are a few.


    Here he is doing the snowshoe race.  Hard to run in those things!  A DSC05053little sleddingDSC05061....







  • I'm back to running consistently again after a recurrence of my shin splints.  Gutsy Mom and I are cutting our time down each time is great to run together again and have someone to celebrate the minor accomplishments.

  • B has already made his big plans for his birthday weekend.  Dad is working on the logistics of putting it together.  I had to remind both of them that I was going to be out of town that weekend.  Dad will be on his own for the craziness! 

  • Speaking of birthdays, Gutsy Mom and I (who share a birthday!) have to put together a bash of our own:)  We are missing our other birthday sharer, Adventure Mom, this year.

  • Better half has started his new job.  This job should carry him through until he takes over a battery....can't say exactly when that will be as the date changes.  Often.


    Staci said...

    Hey there! Thanks for the updates! Love to hear what you all are up to! Love you and miss you much!

    AdventureMom said...

    I'll be there in spirit for the B-days!

    The Gutsy Mom said...

    Let the planning begin! Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday dear u-us! Happy birthday to us!