Friday, January 9, 2009

The Weekend

We made it to Friday. Whew! What a crazy week. There were meetings and dinners. Errands and errant schedules. The weekend, however, isn't going to be much slower.
We got L off this morning for his adventure to Garmisch and the Cub Scout Alaska Days. He headed off with our friends for the next couple of days since we are unable to take him. We have a ball to go to tomorrow evening. That sort of hampers play time in the snow 3 hours from here. True to form, L didn't have any problem saying goodbye to me. I couldn't even get a kiss out of him. My little man is 'all growed up'!
We have a couple of extra boys here spending the night with us though so the house isn't exactly quiet:) Other friends of ours have their ball tonight. It's a bit like a child swap weekend the more I think about it! B and Dad have some Boy Scout stuff in the morning and then we will all be off for the ball later tomorrow afternoon. We will be staying the night at the hotel. A little away time. B is going to act as sitter for our extended "family" as we all will be attending the same function.
I made a horrible boo-boo this evening. I was trying to steam out some wrinkles in my dress and I put a big hole in the side with the iron. (I was almost done, having successfully substituted the steam from my iron for a real steamer, when I touched the iron to the dress.) Ouch! I believe I have a fix that will get me through tomorrow but I may have to retire it after this. This will be the 4th time I've worn it. Pretty good life for a gown!

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Staci said...

Looks like you had a great time at the ball! The dress was gorgeous! : )