Monday, August 18, 2008

Day Camp

We made it through camp! A wonderful time was had by all....even on the day that it rained, the ENTIRE day! Everything went smoothly, we had no serious injuries (always a plus with lots of little boys running around!) and only the one day of bad weather. The rest of the time was beautiful. Since the theme was 'King Arthur's Court', we came up with some great activities related to medieval times. Here, (top right) Logan is jousting with his buddy Haeden. That was in the Tournament area where the boys practiced to become a knight. They also rode their "horse" (a skateboard) through a course where they used their "lance" (foam noodle) to grab rings.

Here is the castle that we built for the day they did the 'Siege the Castle'. It's a little worse for wear after a day of being under attack. There were two groups on either side launching their cannonballs with their catapults (water balloons with large slingshots) at the castle. There's Bryan (he helped man one of the slingshots) and a couple of our Boy Scouts and the Cub Scouts who were at the station at that time. They won! The guy in the middle is our unit commissioner who played the "troll" of the castle and jumped out of the center while the balloons were being launched. I don't know who had more fun, the kids or him!
We were exhausted at the end of camp but it was all well worth the effort! Can't wait for next year:)

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