Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some taggin' going on!

Two posts in one day! Who'd a thunk it! Couldn't resist this one though, can't be outdone by my girls!

Here's the game!
1. Post the rules on your blog
2. List six random things about yourself.
3. Tag six people at the end of the post.

Hmmm, random things about me (that I don't mind the world knowing about!!!)
1. I am addicted to sudoku
2. Who do I think is the hottiest hottie in Hollywood? Jeffrey Dean Morgan of course!
3. My entire life is made of up scouting events, soccer and homeschooling!
4. I haven't had a full-time "paying" job in over 13 years.
5. My favorite "filling" time job was a barista in a coffee shop.
6. I love moving to new places (I know, seriously isn't that the craziest thing you've ever heard?)

Now for the hard part since most of my blogging blogger friends have already been tagged....coming up with 6 more!
1. Mama on the Move (I know you were secretly waiting for me to tag you!)
2. Living One Day at a Time
3. Court---something a little different for your MS page
4. How sad....I don't have anymore friends:(


Life6 said...

Don't feel too bad; I didn't have ANY blogging buddies who hadn't been tagged.

Mom on the Move! said...

And I had to start tagging my friends from MySpace.....

The Gutsy Mom said...

Yes, and I tagged two two-year olds. :)

Amy said...

LOL. I just saw this! Our computer died and I lost all my bookmarks and emails. I was sitting here trying to remember the address of your blog. Turns out it's not just itsallgood. THAT person hasn't blogged in a while!