Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Purchase

I'm very excited! Tomorrow the two antique trunks that I purchased will be delivered. I'm busy rearranging a few pieces of furniture to make room for them. There isn't much in this itsy bitsy house:)
The trunks are beautiful. One is painted Bavarian style. The other is very large dome top trunk. The man I bought them from lives here in our little town. He has a large array of antiques that he has refurbished. All of the pieces are amazing. Once Hubby is home, we will go and do a little more shopping.
I've also received my two rugs from hubby that he purchased at his location on the RLBT. I haven't decided just what to do with those either. It's hard when all the items we are collecting are for our "someday" house and don't necessarily fit into these short-term quarters! Oh well, we love it!


Mom on the Move! said...

I too am guilty, especially recently, for buying for my 'forever' home (as I call it). Things have certainly started piling up as I have no place to put things right now.

The Gutsy Mom said...

I can't wait to see your trunks! And three cheers for the someday/forever home...what we do without those to look forward to?

Mary Beth said...

When is hubby coming home? The pictures look like they belong in a magazine.