Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mrs. Fix-it

Today I changed the brakes in my car. Yes, that's right, the brakes. Brake pads, rotors, I also threw in a tire rotation, since they were off the car anyway, and an oil change. The RLBT has created quite the auto mechanic here! Last year I put on new tires and balanced them myself. I always do my own oil change. I think that my dad would be proud as well as our good friend JB who, suffice it to say, is quite particular about doing his own work on their vehicles.
I'm thrilled to say it all went well. There was only one problem with one of the caliper pins. It was stuck and the only way to get it out was to take a torch to it. No worries, I didn't do that myself! Everything is in great working order now and the brakes feel marvelous. There is something to be said in doing the work yourself and getting a little grimy. There is a great deal of satisfaction in it.
I took a camera to get a picture of me hard at work. The picture never got taken though. Working on a car is dirty business. After the first 5 minutes my hands were covered with a layer of 'yuck' that prevented me from touching the camera. Everyone else at the shop also had dirty hands. That happens I suppose when the only people around are also working on their vehicles. You see, here in our little community, is a place where I can go and rent a lift for the car. They also have all of the tools a person may need but not have. There are also mechanics who work to provide instruction and the occasional 'fire' power:)


Mary Beth said...

I am enjoying your blog. Keep it up, it's great.

Amy said...

That's awesome! I wish I knew how to do all that!

Vicki said...

YOU GO GIRL for real. You have cahones fixing the car, running 22 miles, raising 2 great boys, what can't you do?!

The Gutsy Mom said...

You are my hero! What an inspiration. :)