Saturday, July 12, 2008


If you weren't aware already, I'm training for a marathon. I know, I know. That's about the craziest thing EVER! But I am. It's not very pretty most of the time, after all this body really isn't a runners body, but the training is moving right along. We have a "team", 4 of us training together (there used to be 5 but someone ended up pregnant:-) ) and that makes it much easier to get out and hit the road. I accomplished my longest run ever today. I covered 12 miles. I say covered because I wasn't able to run all of it. You see, I'm playing a bit of catch-up in the training cycle. After time off for shin splints and then my surgeries, I fell behind and am not quite back up to where I would like to be. I have about 2 months left. We are running the Lake Garda marathon in Italy. Always room for support personnel. We need all the support we can get!

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