Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bulk Trash

There is a phenomenon that happens twice a year here in Germany. You are allowed to put your large "bulk" items, that you no longer want in your home, out on the curb for pick-up. Americans lovingly refer to it as "junking" time. One mans junk is another mans treasure....right? And so begins the other part of the phenomenon when people drive around hoping to find their treasure on the roadside.
For the first time ever, we are participating in the unloading portion of the junking. Now sits on the curb our sofa, an old chair/pull-out bed (that has, for the last 3 years been Christo's anyway) and a little table that we have had since we were married but no longer find a place for in our home. It's actually a bit embarrassing. I feel a little redneck having my furniture sitting outside. Let the night fall come quickly and the trash man come early!
There are no new pieces in my future apparently. When hubby stated that we were putting these select choices out, I had visions of furniture shopping in my head. That was put to a quick halt with the statement "You know, we still are not planning on replacing anything until we get back to the states."
Hmmm, if you plan on coming for a visit, make sure you make a bee-line for the love seat or recliner. Otherwise, you will be sitting at the dining room table!


Tami said...

We actually have this once a year but people are NOT allowed to go through other peoples trash. I'm not sure why not. Our day was about 3 weeks ago and the plan was "trash" anything Darren couldn't sell or give away. For some reason though I still have a chair, ottoman, and sofa I don't want, taking up valuable space in my house. Obviously, MY trash is Darren's treasure.:-)

The Gutsy Mom said...

Hee hee! We can have "bring your own chair" parties. We've got a mattress out on the street, it feels TOTALLY ghetto!