Friday, October 24, 2008

And continues......

Sorry for the repeat titles! I really think it is the best way to describe the situation and also have discovered that this is best forum to communicate to my "masses" and keep you up to date. I love you all and am blessed by your emails and messages.
I have to say that, although I am still hum-drum in my waiting, I am rejoicing that gutsy dad is home from the RLBT!!!! Congrats on the reunion of the gutsy family---love ya'! :)
Okay, so where we are in the process....with a bit of explaination as well. Coming home is a multi-part process. Moving from point A, B, C, etc. before reaching the ultimate final destination which is home. Better half is stuck at point B---at least he is on the move. The weather and planes are not cooperating much apparently. Can't say when to expect him, but it is now a couple of days past our hoped for date.
Well, we are going to go on with our busy lives and Log has a bowl-a-thon tonight and Bry has a soccer game. Both start at roughly the same time.....15 miles apart! Thank goodness for friends!


The Gutsy Mom said...

It is so awesome having my hubby home, but we won't rest easy until ALL the Dads are home. I'M THINKING OF YOU! I know this is the hardest part. Hugs!

Staci said...

We're praying that he gets home soon! I can only imagine how anxious you must be! We love you and can't wait to rejoice with you when he's finally home!