Sunday, September 21, 2008

Only a week to go!

This morning I completed my final "long" run (8 miles) before the marathon. It's hard to believe that one week from today it will be for real! Jess and I had a GREAT run. Just what we needed to get our mental courage up for the race (actually I should only speak for myself...Jess always has great mental courage!).
The weather was chilly (46 degrees) and a the ground was wet. It was raining before we headed out and it started sprinkling just at the end. From forecasts of Italy next weekend, the weather for the marathon will be pretty similar. We are rethinking running apparel from shorts to leggings! Who would have thought?!
The biggest factor for me is that we are actually here. Thinking back to a mere 4-5 months ago when going on a 6 mile run was horrible, couldn't do it, a huge planning on running 26.2 in one week. WOW!
It wouldn't have been possible on my own. Gotta love my ARG team:)


Life6 said...

Oh, I definitely needed the courage too. This is gonna be fun (and we'll need a marathon to burn off a week's worth of Italian food ;-) )

The Gutsy Mom said...


Mary Beth said...

How exciting! I'll be thinking about you.

Rachel said...

I'm not sure if you've left or not but Alex and I are so proud of you (he talks about ALL THE TIME)!!! Have fun in Italy :)