Thursday, September 11, 2008

Growing boys, shrinking bikes

The problem with children is that they seem to outgrow things. Shoes, pants, sleeping bags and absolutely anything else that comes in smaller sizes. Well, one thing we don't think of from season to season is the bicycle. It seems that, during the past year, the incredible shrinking machine has hit our storage shed.
Okay, so the boys haven't gotten their bikes out much this year, more like not at all, until just recently. L's was WAY to small for him and, if that wasn't enough, B's made him look a bit like a clown riding a miniature bike at a circus.
Off to the store we go to try to find new bicycles. Amazingly there were several great ones (with great prices) to choose from for son number two. Not so much for son number one. There were exactly two. The less expensive one was UGLY. The other was way out of the price range. So its off to try to find one online that will deliver to a PO box. I'm sure that will be simple! Perhaps it will be here in time for the first snowfall. I can only hope that there will be no more visits from the incredible shrinking machine!


Vicki said...

Hey Joss, I have on good word from Mike that Hohenfels has more bikes to choose from than we do. Might be worth a trip to save on shipping.

Life6 said...

I bet Dad will think the shrinking machine got him too!